Call For Papers

Dear Colleagues,

​International Congress on Islamic Education will be organized on April 12-13, 2019 by YEKDER Religious Education Academy and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University. The aim of the Congress is to share knowledge and experience of researchers from different countries working in the field of Islamic education. International Congress on Islamic Education 2019 will be organized in the main theme of Theory and Methodology in Islamic Education.

In addition, educators, administrators and students are all able to attend and take part in the congress. The papers are accepted both in English and Turkish.

The papers accepted as the main theme of 2019 will be presented in a special session under the title of Theory and Methodology in Islamic Education. Other themes are Educational Concepts in the Islamic Thought, Education in Islamic Thought, Modern Education and Islamic Education, Social Science Education from the Perspective of Islamic Education, Science Education from the Perspective of Islamic Education, Teaching Islamic Sciences, Curriculum Development in the Context of Islamic Education, Teaching Methods in the context of Islamic Education, Development of Educational Materials and Activities, Design of Teaching Environment. Papers with the topics and subtopics of Educational Thought will be accepted.

Abstracts and full texts submitted will be evaluated by blind review; The decision of acceptance or the corrections and refusals will be reported via  the application system or E-mail. Acceptance to the congress will take place in two-stages; abstract and full text. The full text will be requested from the authors whose abstract text is accepted. However, for the registration to be completed, the authors of the full texts accepted must pay the registration fee until 25 March 2019.


* The application process is composed of three steps. First, the participants are required to send their abstracts, after they are being approved, as the second step, the participants should send the full paper. The full papers will be evaluated again. At the end, accepted participants should complete their registration by paying the application fee.

Due Dates






*Those who want to take part in the proceedings book should send their full texts by 20 May 2019.