Abstract and Paper Guidelines


Abstract Submission​

  • Papers should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

  • The abstracts must be between 300 and 400 words. The qualifications that abstracts should contain; purpose of the study, contribution to literature, methodology and basic findingsif the study is concluded.

  • Because the Islamic Education Congress implements blind peer review policy, there should not be any information that reveals the identity of the author in the text.

  • The abstract text must be loaded via congress system until December 26, 2018.

  • Applications by mail or post will not be accepted.

  • It is necessary for the persons who will present in Turkish to send their abstracts both in Turkish and English.

  • After the abstract evaluation the following decisions can be made to work towards the reports from the referees:

    • It can be accepted as it is.

    • The congress may be accepted after the particulars specified in the referee evaluation have been corrected.

    • Unacceptable.


*Acceptance of proceedings to the congress will be decided according to abstracts. However, registration will be completed after the submission of full texts and payments of registration fees. 

Full Text Submission

  •  Full texts must be uploaded to the system from the congress page until 25 February 2019.

  • The papers should be between 4000-6000 words in total.

  • Full text should be uploaded to the system in word format.

  • Only the first letters of the abstract titles should be capitalized.

  • Academic titles should not be used in names.

  • All texts should be written in Times New Roman font 12 point.

  • All text must conform to APA-6 style. (Click for APA-6 detailed information)

  • Writing mistakes are under  the responsibility of the author.

Terms of Publication​​

  • Full-texts of papers should be no more than 6000 words.

  • Papers should be sent in accordance with Apa 6 reference system.

  • An abstracts booklet will be given to the participants on the day of the congress.

  • The Proceedings Book will be published as an e-book.

  • Selected papers under the main theme will be published as an edited book from an reputable international publishing house. The authors should send their papers in this context to the publication by 30 July 2018.